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"Graphics make it easier for us to communicate. Ashley design's experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use/navigate but most importantly they relay a message. Because communicating is at the root of what she does, and she strives to do it creatively—whether it's traditional fine art or a digital experience."


Ashley_painting_bug-facing-edit copy.jpg
Ashley Hammond-Self Portrait-2.jpg

Ashley is passionate about creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. She is a Maryland-based graphic designer, brand strategist, commercial artist and muralist. She uses her skill set to craft creative solutions for businesses and ultimately improve their bottom line. Her artistry, deep understanding of marketing and design, and client business needs is a tremendous asset to any company.

Ashley is a Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist with specialized experience in commercial interiors solutions industry, focusing on art direction in digital design and web development, as well as the fast-paced automotive industry with a attention concentrated on customer retention and creating automated loyalty programs for hundreds of dealerships nationwide. 

Ashley holds a Bachelor's Degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has over 20 years of professional experience in the field, with multiple awards for design and art. Her paintings and caricatures have been printed and displayed in a variety of galleries and publications throughout the country. She has a passion for the art of Sketchnoting and enjoys teaching techniques for the graphic recording process in workshops, large conferences and small-scale settings as well. 


Ashley currently has completed two illustrated children's books on the subject of autism, and looks to illustrate even more topics in the future.


  • IMPACT - Making a positive impact is my driven purpose
  • EXCELLENCE - I strive to do everything in this way.

  • GROWTH - Always growing, becoming a little bit better today than I was the day before.


Fun Fact: Ashley is an avid car lover and enjoys modern and classic styles, like her original patina paint '64 Volkswagen Beetle.

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