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Children’s books are all about the artwork. That’s a fact. After all, the target audience for this type of work is children. And without the illustrations, it can be difficult to get them focused and interested on a book.

Creating a children's book can be a challenging task, but collaboration can lead to a successful outcome. One key to creating the perfect book is to make sure it fits not only the taste of the client but also the audience, the kids.

Knowing the vision of the author aides in visualizing the possible end result and exploring all the options within. It’s best to know the author’s vision before starting work on any project. After learning about the author’s vision, we share recommendations that may be useful to the project.

Creating beautiful, thoughtful illustrations to share in books with children has been a life-long pursuit. Partnering with authors and sharing ideas while designing multi-page works of art for all audiences is a thrilling experience. 

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