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What are sketchnotes? I'm glad you asked . . .


"Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-drawn typography, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes and lines"

-Mike Rohde, Author of The Sketchnote Handbook

This concept creates a powerful combination to improve memory and recall, enhance the learning experience, become a great problem-solver, and get better at sharing ideas.

How are sketchnotes created? 

Sketchnotes are created in real time while listening to a presentation, meeting or discussion. The main point is to focus on the big ideas, not writing every single word. Remember, it's not artwork - it's working art.

Why sketchnote when you can just write regular notes? 

Because sketchnoting engages your whole brain and will help you retain more information.

Think Big Picture 

I have countless pages of regular notes from meetings that I have never looked at afterwards. What is the point of taking notes if I am not going to use if for a reference as intended? I was so worried about writing down every single word the presenter said that I missed the bigger picture.


Sketchnotes saved me from boring meetings and allowed me to really think about what I was hearing and how to create quick-drawn, basic images to help me remember. Now when I look back through my notes I have great visual references to easily let me know exactly what the notes on that page consist of. I no longer have to read the whole page to find the information I am looking for.


APRIL 2020

Sketchnote Workshop

Total Duration: 1-hr

Sketchnote Keynote Speaker

Total Duration: 45 mins

Past Events
"Flip to the Future Ready" CONFERENCE
Ocean City, MD
Sketchnoting 101: How to Create Amazing Visual Notes in a Digital Format

Interested in having a sketchnoter (graphic recorder) at your event or conference? CONTACT ME


MARCH 2020


MAY 2018


Washington County Literacy Chapter of Maryland
Sketchnote Presenter | Children's Book Illustrator
Hagertsown, MD
Sketchnote Keynote Speaker | Presenter 
Ocean City, MD
Sketchnote Keynote Speaker | Presenter 
Ocean City, MD


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