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ForBuild |Forward Thinking Construction


The launch of the latest branding project for New Jersey based company, ForBuild, providing specialized interior off-site construction solutions that empower innovation. The project was a short and intense 4 month sprint which included strategy, design, and messaging through delivery of an eye-catching new website, sales presentations, brand guidelines and a social media strategy complete with imagery.

“We don't just make beautiful interior spaces, we make them smarter, quicker and ready for the long-term, no matter what client needs may change.” remarked the VP of Architectural Solutions. "Our clients are the relentlessly efficient, fiscally driven, time-sensitive, budget conscious and stuck in their ways about traditional construction methods. How do we appeal to them?"

“We need to prove to your clients without a doubt that technology and construction have finally evolved and pre-manufactured walls are the solution.” answered Ashley. The team considered that the interior walls specialists were often not included in projects until after they were already started, ForBuild needed to position themselves to be involved from the ground up. Knowledge is power and we wanted to challenge clients to think differently about the way their spaces are built. utilizing a technology driven approach that is faster, cleaner and more sustainable, ForBuild offers flexibility for the future.

This notion quickly formed into the design, visuals and messaging for the ForBuild brand and was applied across all key touch points.

​"We’re changing the way spaces are built by simplifying the process, delivering a multi-trade solution, and easily integrating power, data and technology. Our off-site construction method improves construction schedules while saving money and reducing the environmental impact."


Creating a stylescape to express and steer the visual language for a project, Ashley included fonts, colors and images that were artfully and intentionally arranged. Direction for the stylescape came from the initial client meeting combined with additional industry and competitor research.



Visual Design
Web Development
Social Media Plan

At ForBuild we are disrupting conventional thinking and construction to improve the lives of people and build smarter spaces. A forward thinking construction method supports our client’s needs for flexibility, well-being, integrated technology, and branded spaces. 


We want to build the perfect interior for today that can easily adapt to whatever tomorrow brings.​ Our sustainable approach offers a faster and cleaner construction method that saves time and labor costs while offering greater flexibility to adapt to future change.


White Walls


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