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If your logo looks bad, so does your business. Period.

What makes a great logo?

Your business needs to communicate a unique message clearly to be successful. The easiest way to distinguish a company from their competition is by its logo.

A professional business should look professional. Owners of new businesses invest time and money into products, equipment and property for their company but often do not feel the need to invest the same into a custom-designed, quality logo. Why you ask? Great question ...

Common reasons why a company may have a sub-standard logo (there are always exceptions):

  • The owner thought they could save money by designing the logo themselves.

  • A friend/family member knows a little about graphics does it pro bono.

  • An online company was used that promises "really cheap logos"

  • The wrong professional was hired (local printers are not likely proficient in logo development and design.)

Hiring an established and professional logo/brand designer is an investment. The advantages include but are not limited to: Your logo being unique and memorable, easy to reproduce (vector based graphics not rasterized images), longer shelf-life than a trendy or poorly designed logo and your design will have a high-end, professional look.

"Design is aesthetics. Designers want to make you and your business look good. It is simple, but not always a simple process."

Part of being a professional is to make my job look easy. Brand development is not easy and requires more than just a creative idea and computer skills. A strong background in multiple skill sets compels designers to be marketers, strategists, psychologists, salespeople and project managers all at once.

It’s difficult, but it’s also fun and challenging!

Graphics make it easier for us to communicate. I design experiences that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and identify. Most importantly my designs relay a message because communicating is at the root of what I do, and I strive to do it creatively—whether it's a logo, brand development, traditional artwork or a digital experience.

Have you had a memorable experience as a business owner or a designer, when it comes to logos and brand development?

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